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The Daughter of War

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The Daughter of War

Post by Catastrophica on Wed Mar 09, 2016 8:25 pm

Name: Foxfeather
Age: 15 moons
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Males

Appearance: Foxfeather has a mostly orange-brown pelt. Her tips are a darker shade, and she has a white chin and white fur down a small section of her neck. She has a black nose and white whiskers. Her grey eyes seem to change between a more blue
and a more green shade, depending on her mood.
Personality: Foxfeather is a very sweet cat, unless you're not from her clan. She's extremely loyal to Snowclan, but bitter to anyone else. She's a war grunt, so she's used to battling. She's a fierce warrior who always seems to have the upper hand.
Dislikes: Sloths (What's the point?). Twolegs. Sitting still.
Likes: Battle. Kits. Training apprentices.
Weaknesses: In battle, her underbelly. She has a quite hard time climbing trees.
Strengths: Fighting, finding cats' weak spots.

Mother: Silentshade
Father: Thornstripe
Littermates: Ravendust, Hawksplash
Aunt(s): Why does
Uncle(s): it matter?
Mate: Wolftail
Kits: Shadekit, Rosekit, Honeypaw

Clan: Snowclan
Rank: Queen (For now)
History: Foxfeather is purely a Snowclan cat. Both her mother and father were born and raised in Snowclan, and so was she. Trained by Barkwhisker, she showed early signs of talent in battle. She fought valiantly and has only lost a handful of battles in her lifetime.
    When she was old enough, Foxfeather had Honeykit with Wolftail. Just before she became apprenticed, Foxfeather found out that she was once again pregnant. All she wants to do now is get back to fighting and to train an apprentice. For now, though, she's taking care of her two new kits, Shadekit and Rosekit.

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