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Post by Catastrophica on Sat Mar 05, 2016 8:37 pm

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Name: Shiverstar
Age: 14 moons
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Males

Appearance: Shiverstar is an agile leader who has a white underfur and stark black stripes scarcely placed down both of her sides. She has bright yellow eyes and a black nose.
Personality: Shiverstar has a cold personality. She feels unloved ultimately and believes she was eternally betrayed by Sparkclan. She makes a good leader because she knows how to take charge and isn't afraid to fight with her clan members. She hates having to run things from 'behind the curtain' and likes being in the action.
Dislikes: Sparkclan, being put 'on the bench' in battles, and Twolegs.
Likes: Surprisingly, Shiverstar has a soft spot for kits. She loves snow and she once was in love with a warrior from Sparkclan named Browntail. The chill of the air in Snowclan on her bones.
Weaknesses: Becoming attached to anyone. Being kind, and she's horrible at forgiving.
Strengths: Keeping her feelings locked up inside. She's an excellent fighter. Taking revenge.

Mother: Crystalfang(dead)
Father: Snowstar(dead)
Littermates: None.
Aunt(s): Sparkstar(going insane)
Mate: Browntail (ex-mate)
Kits: None.

Clan: Snowclan.
Rank: Leader
History: Shiverpool was born on the road to Snowclan. Her mother, Crystalfang, died in childbirth, along with her brother. Her father, Snowstar, kept her by his side at all times that he could. She reminded him so much of her mother that he couldn't bear to lose her too. When she was about 9 moons old, she ventured with her father to a great meeting at The Moonpool. While she was there, she walked outside, to find a 10-moon-old apprentice outside, Browntail. He explained that he was from Sparkclan. They climbed onto the top of the Mooncave. They sat there until the meeting was over, talking about their lives and fantasizing about what their lives could be like had there not been clan boundaries. It was then when Shiverpaw fell in love.
Again and again, they met on top of the Mooncave at night, when no one was around. It worked for a while, until Sparkstar saw them. She yelled at them, and Shiverpool begged her aunt not to tell her father. It would destroy their chances of ever seeing eachother again. Yet, she told Snowstar, and he banished Shiverpool from ever returning to Sparkclan. "It's for your own good!" he would say, "Be graeful that she's your aunt, the punishment would've been far worse!" But Shiverpool didn't care. She would rather be dead then be away from Browntail. One night, she killed her father in his sleep and assumed his role as leader. When she was in power, she rushed over to Sparkclan, only to find that Browntail had been forced to be Sparkstar's mate. It seemed as if he'd totally forgotten her. Shiverstar was devastated, and so upon her return to Snowclan territory, she swore that Sparkclan would forever be their enemy.

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