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Snowclan Hunting Grounds

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Snowclan Hunting Grounds

Post by Catastrophica on Mon Mar 21, 2016 8:05 pm

The semi-plentiful patch of forest where Snowclan cats come to hunt.

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Re: Snowclan Hunting Grounds

Post by Quiescent on Mon Mar 21, 2016 8:32 pm

Food... Adderpaw knew the rules about not eating the food you just caught- For pete's sake, he hadn't even caught anything yet. But it was so hard to be patient with his stomach grumbling like that. He glanced back at Shiverstar, shifting his weight from paw to paw as he waited. The crisp air was doing it's best to sneak under his pelt, but he'd been trying just as hard to not let it bother him. This winter wonderland was his home now, and it wasn't going to do anyone any good if he ended up frozen to death. He snorted as another possibility occurred to him- Lifetime taking care of the elders, safe in the warm dens. Uh, yeah. Adderpaw was fine with the cold. "So... Am I just watching for this round, or...?" He trailed off, keeping his voice low as he scanned the snowy woods. He'd been an apprentice for only two moons... Maybe it wasn't his right to be hasty. But he didn't want to ever go hungry again- He didn't want Snowclan to ever deal with that either. He glanced down at his side, ribs no longer visible through the fur. Snowclan didn't have food issues now, that was true, but if they took a nosedive he wanted to be on the team that dug them out of it. Fair is fair- They saved his life, even if they thought they were saving Goldenkit's.

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