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The Silent Learner

Post by Catastrophica on Mon Mar 21, 2016 8:49 pm

Name: Shadekit
Age: 4 moons
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Females

Appearance: Shadekit is a silver-marble cat.
Personality: Shadekit doesn't talk. Although he has independent thoughts, and is most likely smarter than any of the other kits of his age, he is more pf a humble sort. Most of the time he spend with his mother Foxfeather in the den or playing with his older sister, Honeypaw.
Dislikes: Loud talkers, seeing people injured, being looked over.
Likes: The medicine cat, Reedwing, helping people, learning.
Weaknesses: Death, he'll do anything to prevent it.
Strengths: His memory is as photographic as it can get for a cat.

Mother: Foxfeather
Father: Wolftail
Littermates: Rosekit, older sister Honeypaw
Aunt(s): who gives
Uncle(s):a crap?
Mate: are you
Kits: mad?!

Clan: It's Snowclan.
Rank: Kit
History: Not much has happened in Shadekit's four-moon life. He's always been observant of everyone and everything around him, and he took an early liking to the medicine cat and her job. Most of what he does all day is eat and sleep. There's nothing really else to say. His destiny awaits him in Snowclan...or maybe somewhere else.

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