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Post by Quiescent on Sat Mar 05, 2016 8:59 pm

Name: Goldenpaw, although he will refer to himself as Adderpaw.
Age: 7 Moons
Gender: Tom
Sexual Orientation: ?? idk

Appearance: Goldenpaw is a young tom with bright blue eyes. His white and orange pelt is a dead giveaway against the snowy terrain he lives in, but it’s never bothered him. His fur is short and he has just about no muscle, making him Scrawnypaw if there ever was one. [No seriously, I’ve hardly read through this series. Is Scrawnypaw a thing?]

Personality: Goldenpaw tries his best to be a good addition of the clan, and to blend in as a cheery and charming adolescent cat. But this gets boring real quick, and he's known to most as a sarcastic and perceptive kid. His parents must wonder where they went wrong. He spends a lot of time alone, although if you have something to say and aren't wasting his time he's quite approachable. Or if you are interesting in wasting time, but happen to have a way of not being punished for it.

-Oranges. He’s never had one, but he’s sure they’re disgusting.
-People who compare him to his brother
+Being babied, although he wouldn’t admit it
+Snarky comments

Weaknesses: Physical fighting is a real challenge for him, as his growth was stunted. He’s not good at sticking up for himself or others, making him appear disloyal. Keeping warm is harder than it should be, as his genes were good for sneaking through the forest- Not for surviving the winters of Snowclan.
Strengths: Knowing things. He’s pretty good at being present when secrets are being shared, albeit not with him. This is good for bartering, if anyone figures his “deal” out. Because food was once an issue, he’s surprisingly talented at hunting. Goldenpaw is also good with plotting things out, which is just a good skill to have on hand.

Mother: Swantail
Father: Burntpelt
Littermates: None
Aunt(s): None
Uncle(s): Probably some, but who really cares.
Mate: Get your mind out of the gutter.
Kits: None

Clan: Snowclan
Rank: Apprentice
History: Goldenpaw was born into Snowclan as a small and withering kit. He cried at everything he saw, and if it weren’t for his warm orangey coat, he would’ve been named Loudkit just to pay his tiny lungs the due respect. Almost immediately the small kit had captured the hearts of his new surrounding clanmates, especially his mother and father, who doted over the tiny child at every given moment. The only eventful thing that would ever happen would be the day he stepped foot outside the camp and wander into the ice forest. But that was Goldenpaw, and he’s been dead for some time now.

Meet Adderpaw: A small and probably confused cat who happened to be in the wrong place at the right time. In the time of disrupt of Treeclan, the child took his survival into his own hands. Nobody in the Clan was obeying any part of the code, and while their leader was on the okay end, kits and anyone who couldn’t hunt were done for. Adderpaw began to more and more frequently catch his parents gulping down food that would’ve made his life much easier. Because of this, he booked it across the border, stumbling into unknown territory. While he was very young to have made a decision like that to abandon your clan, he had also not fully understood what this would mean. He never intended on going back… But he always figured it was an option.

He found Snowclan in the early morning- Or more to say, it found him. In the form of a small orange kitten who was dangling precariously on a frozen branch amidst the ice forest. Adderpaw, six moons old at the time, scoffed at the kit. Goldenkit only giggled and pounced at a nearby bug. No one would ever quite know how the kitten climbed the tree that high, or if someone had carried him there, but it would have lasting consequences on the life of Adderpaw. Adderpaw, a smaller-sized starving apprentice with a golden coat… He was a perfect match for Goldenkit, who had been silent his whole life. Which meant that when the branch cracked and broke…

“Goldenkit! Where did you run off to?!” An adult she-cat could be heard calling from the distance as Adderpaw stared in horror at the body that had crumpled to a lifeless heap beside him. They always would say cats land on their feet- But this was an inexperienced child, and Goldenpaw… Had not. The surviving match shook off his disbelief, turning and running from the scene. The she-cat had spotted his orange coat, though, and took chase. Being much faster, she pounced and gently captured the small child. “Goldenkit, really… You scared us like that.” She peered down at Adderpaw as his heart raced. “I’m sorry ma’am…” His voice was quiet, but it made the older she-cat grin. “He speaks! Yes! Hah, and I thought I was done for when I lost track of you… Wait until your mom hears.” She picked him up in her mouth and ran back to the den, where Adderpaw was welcomed back with nuzzles from two cats. The parents of Goldenpaw.

He didn’t see a reason to tell them there was a body in the woods. It belonged to Adderpaw now.
And Adderpaw of Treeclan was dead.


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