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Cave of Iridescence

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Cave of Iridescence

Post by Catastrophica on Sun Mar 06, 2016 1:09 pm

The Cave of Iridescence is a very sacred site of Snowclan. They come here for guidance and shelter from the cold. The thin layer of ice that covers the walls makes it seem as if the whole cave is glowing. It is a beautiful place.

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Re: Cave of Iridescence

Post by Quiescent on Tue Mar 22, 2016 8:21 pm

There was nothing left for the morning in the young warrior's life. Cloudbelly, Swaintail, and Burntpelt had all headed back to the dens to rest after the patrol. However... he shrugged. They had people to return to there. Swantail and Burntpelt had their only son, Goldenpaw. Cloudbelly had her mate and two daughters. Echostrike... Had the cave. He took a spinning look around at his home away from home. Of course, it wasn't only his- Other cats came for guidance and warmth. But it sure felt like his alone sometimes. The Siamese cat yawned, relaxing back against the wall. He had an apprentice to train later, but that would come when it was needed. For now... His sleepiness overwhelmed him before he could even finish the thought. Alone in the cave of Iridescence, Echostrike snoozed- Completely unaware of the world going on around him.

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