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Rules That I Highly Recommend Following

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Rules That I Highly Recommend Following

Post by Quiescent on Sun Mar 06, 2016 4:24 pm

-Follow the rules
-No godmodding/powerplaying/auto-hitting. ie; Lakeheart killed Twoclaw in a single swipe. Which brings up another point…
-You must ask permission before killing/seriously maiming another’s character
-No one-sentence posts. Please keep your posts at a 300-word count. Technically, there is no word count, but it’d be nice to have everyone contributing evenly. If you need help meeting this goal, feel free to ask me or Catastrophica for help!
-No Mary-sues or Gary-sues. Your character isn’t the best in the world, and it isn’t the worst either.  This also means, yes, you can die.
-Private Message me, Quiescent, "cool cool" if you've actually read the rules
-Only as many characters as you can handle
-Fade to black. This site is PG13, and mating scenes/graphic birth scenes will not be tolerated
-Please try to use correct grammar. I understand misspelling a word once in a while, but “text speak” (lol, bc, idk,) isn’t really allowed in this RP. As for “She ran and ran and fell but got back up and spoke to cat, like hi.” we want to be able to understand what you’re saying…
-Liquid time, which is sort of like fast-forwarding(or rewinding for that matter) is optional.  If your character is in an abandoned post, they can switch to somewhere else, and jump back over to the other one if the characters come back. Although, they can continue in the two at the same time. If they can keep up.
-Only two high-ranks, such as Deputy or Clan Leader, per person. It wouldn’t be fair if one person had them all, and besides, the warriors, elders, kits, and apprentices need some attention too. <3
-If you would like to be a leader, you must remain active! Deputy as well, for that matter. After 2 weeks of not being on(Unless it’s vacation, or personal matters.) Your rank will be given to either the deputy, or another warrior.
-Swearing IS allowed, although please don't just call someone a ftard just to call them an ftard. Everything in moderation.
-Finally, have fun! Yes, this one is serious!! That’s why it was saved for last. Any moping will be severely prosecuted with hugs and rainbow cookies.

Breaking of these rules once will result in a 4 day ban.
This doubles if it's been done twice, and the third time, you will not be allowed back. Cya buddio.

The ban system is more or less bendable, going case-by-case. The above is just a guideline.

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